3M Scott Safety ProPak I

Code: ProPak I v2
  • Fully Adjustable Harness
  • Suited for Most Industries
  • Automatic First Breath Actuation

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3M Scott Safety ProPak I SCBA is designed for single cylinder use. Featuring a lightweight, rigid backplate made from glass and carbon-filled nylon composite, supplied with a cylinder band. The harness is made from durable, flame retardant Kevlar blend wrap and features lumbar padding.  The non-padded shoulder straps are fully adjustable by pulling forward. The padded waist belt has large buckles to facilitate donning and doffing while wearing gloves. To withstand harsh environments, the swivel hose fittings are made from stainless steel.

The two-stage pneumatic system is removable for maintenance and cleaning. Comprising of a Tempest automatic positive pressure demand valve with bypass, shoulder-mounted pressure indicator, 55 bar warning whistle, first-stage pressure reducer and 200 -300 bar cylinder connector. Cylinders and face mask not included. For the operation of the handwheel, right-angled valved cylinders are required.

  • Six versions accepting steel or carbon composite cylinders.
  • Approvals:  EN137:2006 Type 2, AS1716 and MED
  • Suitable for Marine, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Professional Fire Fighting deployment
  • Size length 630mm, width 285mm and depth 220mm (with a 6 litre 200 bar cylinder). Weight SCBA and facemask (less cylinder) 3.5kg

Order Information

2027166 PROPAK-i (V2) standard fitted cylinder connector
2027167 PROPAK-i-AC (V2) fitted with Airline attachment*.
2027168 PROPAK-i-SDC (V2) fitted with a Split demand valve
2027170 PROPAK-i-SDC-AC (V2) fitted with a Split demand valve and Airline attachment*
*Please note the airline attachment has both air in and air out functionality, so it serves as both a Rescue Second Man and decontamination attachment and Airline.
2027169 PROPAK-i-Y2C (V2) ProPak-i fitted with Y-piece (2 CEN socket) in demand valve hose
2027172 PROPAK-i-AC-Foster (V2)


2020207 Chest strap
1035685 089.124.00 Testkit & toolkit combined (not including 074.285.00) – Contour/Propak/ACS
1035686 089.124.01 Testkit only – Contour/Propak/ACS
1033779 074.083.00 Toolkit only – Contour/Propak/ACS
1023116 035.016.03 Cylinder pressure test gauge 200/300 bar
1034744 084.059.00 Breathing apparatus log book – Fire Brigade version
1034745 084.059.01 Breathing apparatus log book – Industrial version
2014810 Moulded B.A. carrying case for one apparatus c/w cylinder
2031565 Rescue Kit – constant flow rescue hood with 1M hose fitted with CJEN connection supplied in a handy pouch
2031566 Rescue Kit – constant flow rescue hood with 1.5M hose fitted with CJEN connection supplied in a handy pouch

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