3M Scott Safety ProPak F V2

Code: 2027182
  • Suitable for hazardous environments
  • Lightweight, rigid back
  • Dual cylinder option

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The Scott Safety ProPak-F self-contained breathing apparatus. Open circuit type 2 provides compressed air for professional firefighting or use in tackling fires in the oil and gas industry. Includes adjustable padded shoulder straps, tempest automatic demand valve, and a servo-assisted tilting diaphragm mechanism, giving low inspiratory resistance and responsive performance.

The backplate is manufactured from glass and carbon-filled nylon composite. Large buckles on the waistband allow for operation with gloves and fast donning and doffing.

Operated by first breath activation and hands-free bypass. The pressure valve is made from corrosion nickel-plated brass. Kevlar & Pyrogard blend webbing and Proban-covered padding make up the harness.

Supplied with an adjustable harness, pressure gauge with 55 bar warning whistle and cylinder connector complete with integral pressure reducer. Cylinder and mask order separately. To maintain the cylinder valve handwheel on the normal right-hand side of the SCBA, please use the cylinders fitted with the right-angled valve, suffix -RA.


  • Five variations accepting Carbon or Steel cylinders
  • Easy Maintenance
  • EN137:2006 and MED Approved
  • Flame Retardant
  • Extended cylinder band option allows dual-cylinder use
  • Size length 630mm, width 285mm and depth 220mm (with a 6 litre 200 bar cylinder). Weight SCBA and facemask (less cylinder) 3.2kg

Order Information

2027182 PROPAK-f (V2) standard with a cylinder connection
2027183 PROPAK-f-AC (V2) fitted with Airline attachment*
2027184 PROPAK-f-SDC (V2) fitted with a Split demand valve
2027186 PROPAK-f-SDC-AC (V2) fitted with a Split demand valve and Airline attachment*
2027185 PROPAK-f-Y2C (V2) fitted with Y-piece (2 CEN socket) in demand valve hose
2027469 PROPAK-f (V2) 379 BAR with a standard cylinder connector

* Please note the airline attachment has both air in and out functionality, so, therefore serves as both a Rescue Second Man and decontamination attachment as well as Airline

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg


Pressure Reducing Valve Nickel Plated Brass
Rust Tube (Cyls) Brass
Reducing Valve Seat Polyamide (Nylon)
O-Rings Nitrile, Silicone, EPDM
Reducing Valve Springs Stainless Steel
HP Pressure Gauge Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate Lens
HP Pressure Gauge Cover Neoprene
MP Air Supply Hose Fittings Nickel Plated Brass
Facemask Neoprene, Silicone or Procomp
Facemask Visor Polycarbonate
MP Air Supply Hose EPDM Cover, fabric braid reinforcement, EPDM liner
HP Air Hose PTCFE liner, stainless steel braiding, Estane sleeve
Valve Handwheel (Cyls) Glass filled Polyamide/ TPE
Harness Kevlar & Pyrogard blend webbing, reflective thread, Proban covered padding
Backplate Glass and Carbon filled Nylon composite
Backpad Flame retardant cross linked polyolefin closed cell foam covered in a Proban fabric
Cylinder Band Kevlar and Pyrogard blend webbing, Reflective thread
Strap Buckles Glass filled polyamide
Cylinder Steel or Composite
Cylinder Valve Nickel Plated Brass
Demand Valve Casing Glass filled Polyamide
Airline Belt Manifold MP hose as above with brass fittings
Plastic Mounting Mouldings Glass Filled Polyamide
Single configuration (less cylinder) 3.2kg
Single configuration & facemask (less cylinder) 3.8kg
Length 630mm
Width 285mm
Depth (with 6.0 litre 200 bar cylinder) 220mm
EN137 Type 2 Open circuit self contained compressed air breathing apparatus
EN136 Full facemasks for respiratory protective devices
AS1716 Australian approval for respiratory protective equipment
MED Marine Equipment Directive (Shipswheel)

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