3M Scott Safety ProPak F V2 379

Code: 2027469
  • For a high-pressure 379 bar cylinder
  • Five versions
  • Professional SCBA

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The PROPAK-f (V2) 379 is a self-contained breathing apparatus for single-cylinder use. It comprises a lightweight, rigid backplate with a cylinder band and a fully adjustable padded body harness.

The two-stage pneumatic system consists of a Tempest automatic positive-pressure demand valve with bypass, shoulder mounted pressure indicator and 55 bar warning whistle: first stage pressure reducer with a single high-pressure 379 bar cylinder connector.

The harness is fabricated from Kevlar and Pyrogard blend webbing and Proban material. It features lumbar padding, and the webbing contains reflective thread.

Approvals: CE certificate 702879 to a technical specification to meet Annex II of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Order Information

2027469 PROPAK-f (V2) 379 contains above
2027470 PROPAK-f-AC (V2) 379 BAR ProPak-f 379 fitted with Airline attachment*
2027471 PROPAK-f-SDC (V2) 379 BAR ProPak-f 379 fitted with split demand valve
2027473 PROPAK-f-SDC-AC (V2) 379 BAR ProPak-f 379 fitted with split demand valve and Airline attachment*
2027472 PROPAK-f-Y2C (V2) 379 BAR ProPak-f 379 fitted with Y-piece (2 CEN socket) in demand valve hose

*Please note the airline attachment has both air-in and air-out functionality, so it serves as both an RSM and decontamination attachment as well as an Airline.

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