3M Scott Safety Promask PP

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  • Shock Resistant
  • Speech Diaphragm
  • Low resistance valve provides easy breathing

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3M Scott Safety Promask PP is a positive pressure full face mask designed for use with the Sabre range of self-contained breathing apparatus.

The exterior is made from Butyl Rubber and the inner mask from Silicone.  Inspiratory and expiratory paths are separated to avoid cross-contamination from regulators.

Promask PP has two size options. The head harness is either a five-point fitting in rubber or a two-point fit, net style available in Polyester or Kevlar.  Featuring a single curvature visor, scratch, impact and flame resistant with a wide field of vision. A high-temperature visor option is available.

User can wear spectacles with no adverse face fit. Voice transmission is possible by speech diaphragm installed on the front of the mask.

Demand valve connects by left-hand side bayonet; a right quick fit port allows communication module or drinking adaptor.

Approval EN137:2006 Class II when paired with Propak, Centurion and ACS.

Packed dimensions: 23 x 17 x 13cm / 1kg

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5513190 LQF, rubber head harness. Medium Large
5513174  LQF, polyester net head harness. Medium Large
5513175  LQF, rubber head harness. Small
5513177  LQF, polyester net head harness. Small
5513192 LQF/REQF, rubber head harness. Medium Large
5513179  LQF/REQF, polyester net head harness. Medium Large
5513178  LQF/REQF, rubber head harness. Small
5513164  LQF/REQF, polyester net head harness. Small
2032232 LQF ECB, Small Size rubber head harness (Compatible with Epic)
2032231  LQF ECB, Medium/Large Size rubber head harness (Compatible with Epic)

HT Visor Norrscope supply the above masks with the option of a High Temperature visor suitable for hot fire training schools. Please contact us

5513167 Small Promask RAS 5 point fully adjustable head harness, demand valve connection and right hand DIN40 fitting with inhale valve for respiratory canister

5513166 As above medium large

Promask Fitted with Helmet clamps

5513160  LQF, Medium Large
5513161  LQF, Small
5513162  LQF/REQF, Medium Large
5513163 LQF/REQF, Small
2031643 LQF Small
2031642  LQF Medium Large
2031646  LQF/REQF Small
2031645 LQF/REQF Medium Large

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