3M Scott Safety ELSA 15 B & ELSA 10 B Escape Sets

Code: ELSA-15-B & ELSA-10-B
  • Emergency Escape Set
  • 10 or 15 minutes
  • Easy Donning

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The 3M Scott Safety ELSA escape set is available with a ten or fifteen-minute constant flow air supply. Designed for a fast exit from hazardous marine and industrial situations, where the air is unexpectedly filled with smoke or toxic fumes. 

The Sabre range comprises of two models, the ELSA 10 B and ELSA 15 B. Comfortable, visible, requiring minimum maintenance, service interval ten years, and conformance with standard EN1146 and MED ships wheel approved.

Featuring a unique cubic hood design and Nickel coated components to prevent corrosion. The hood is manufactured from PVC coated materials with an ozone resistant neck seal, which can be worn over spectacles and long hair. A three-sided flat visor facilitates flat packing of the hood, preventing visor creases and allowing fast removal from the bag.

A large visor area provides peripheral vision; an inner mask prevents misting and minimises Carbon Dioxide accumulation.

The valve automatically activates when opening the bag, triggering constant air supply, saving time valuable time in an emergency. The cylinder is 2 or 3 litre Steel or Carbon Composite, 200 bar, supplied full or empty. Also included is the cylinder valve inclusive of a pressure reducer and warning whistle notifying the user of low air content.


  • ELSA 10B = L 51  x W 34 x D 13.5 cm, weight 4.8kg
  • ELSA 15B = L 51  x W 34 x D 13.5 cm, weight 5.6kg

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ELSA-10-B (10 minutes)

1047362 Full
2009412 Empty
1047363 Anti-Static Full
2009413 Anti-Static Empty
2024644 Composite Full
2024641 Composite Empty

ELSA-15-B (15 Minutes)

1047372 Full
2009419 Empty
1047373 Anti-Static Full
2009420 Anti-Static Empty
2024646 Composite Full
2024645 Composite Empty

Full Cylinder supplied charged/ compressed, empty Cylinder supplied without air. Standard versions have steel cylinders.

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