3M Scott Safety ELSA Sprint Escape Set

Code: 2033348
  • Positive pressure escape set 15 minutes
  • Available in hooded and facemask versions
  • Steel or composite cylinder options

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The 3M Scott ELSA Sprint is a positive pressure escape set with a 15-minute air supply on demand for situations where the escape route may require physical exertion or maximum protection. These sets are made of durable materials and are available in high-visibility PVC or black anti-static materials options.

The apparatus consists of a cylinder equipped with a combined cylinder valve, reducer and a supply hose connected to a tempest demand valve, which can be linked to a positive pressure hood or a Promask stored in a storage bag.

The ELSA Sprint system is designed to activate when the bag is opened. The bag’s opening triggers the cord, which turns the cylinder valve handwheel to open the valve. The valve can also be activated manually if needed. Once the valve opens, medium-pressure air is immediately available at the facemask/hood demand valve. However, the valve remains closed until the wearer pulls the facemask or hood from the bag and puts it on. After donning the mask/hood, the wearer should take a deep breath to start the airflow.


  • Maximum level of respiratory protection
  • High-performance reducer
  • Maintainable by trained personnel, low through-life costs
  • Low training requirement
  • Automatic activation
  • Steel cylinder 15 minutes, 3 litres. Lighter carbon composite versions are available
  • Available with high visibility or anti-static bag
  • Automatic and manual activation
  • The hooded variant features a whistle to alert the user to remove the hood when air is depleted
  • Duty Tariff/Commodity Code: 9020009099. Origin UK
  • Weight cylinder 6.34kg empty, 7.12kg full

Order Information

2033348 Sprint 15-B Steel Facemask (Empty)
2033344 Sprint 15-B Steel Facemask (Full)
2033360 Sprint 15-B Composite Facemask (Empty)
2033350 Sprint 15-B Steel Positive Pressure Hood (Empty)
2033347 Sprint-10-B Steel Facemask (Empty) – now obsolete
2033343 Sprint 10-B Steel Facemask (Full) – now obsolete
2033359 Sprint 10-B Composite Facemask (Empty) – now obsolete
2033349 Sprint 10-B Steel Positive Pressure Hood (Empty) – now obsolete


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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg


CE marked to EN 402 in accordance with the PPE regulations
Pressure reducing valve Nickel plated brass
Rust tube Brass
Reducing valve seat Polyamide (nylon)
O-rings Nitrile, silicone, EPDM
Reducing valve springs Stainless steel
HP pressure gauge Stainless steel, polycarbonate lens
MP air supply hose fittings Nickel plated brass
Facemask Procomp
Facemask visor Polycarbonate
Air hood PVC coated viscose with clear PU visor
MP air supply hose Chlorinated polyethylene, fabric braid reinforcement, nitrile liner
Carrying bag PVC coated nylon or anti-static polyurethane
Valve handwheel Glass filled polyamide
Strap buckles Polyamide
Cylinder Steel or composite
Demand valve casing Glass filled polyacetal and polyamide
Tempest demand valve
Compact positive pressure demand valve featuring servo-assisted, tilting diaphragm mechanism with low inspiratory resistance and responsive dynamic performance, automatic first breath actuation. Components injection moulded from polyamide with rubber seals and diaphragms.
First breath activation -20 to -30 mbar
Peak flow performance In excess of 500 litres/minute
Bypass flow 150 litres/minute nominal
Static positive pressure 1.0 – 4.0 mbar
Combined reducer
First stage pressure reducing valve featuring non-adjustable, spring loaded piston mechanism and outlet supply protected by pressure relief valve. Valve body and cap machined from nickel-plated brass with stainless steel spring and hose retainer U-clips.
Outlet pressure
200 bar inlet 5.5 to 9.5 bar
300 bar inlet 6.0 to 11.0 bar
Pressure relief valve protected Approx. 13.5 bar
Swivel Hose fittings Stainless Steel
Medium pressure hose
Maximum working pressure 16 bar
Minimum burst pressure 80 bar
Packing specifications
10 minute bag version 56x21x18cm, 6.0kg Steel, 5.1kg Composite
15 minute bag version 56x21x18cm, 6.5kg Steel, 5.5kg Composite
10 minute bag version:
Weight 5.2kg steel or 3.9kg composite
Length 545mm
Width 350mm
Depth 111mm
15 minute bag version:
Weight 5.6kg steel or 4.5kg carbon
Length 620mm
Width 350mm
Depth 125mm

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