3M Scott Safety ELSA Muster

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  • Escape Set
  • 10 or 15 minutes
  • Easy Donning

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3M Scott Safety Elsa Muster is an escape set deployed in hazardous situations available with a 10 or 15 minute positive pressure air supply. Air is provided as demanded by the user, making it an ideal choice for escape routes that demand physical exertion. Available with a face mask in black Neoprene with net head harness or flame retardant high visible, PVC hood version.

A CEN male coupling provides air input in the event of emergency to a Muster station or an Airline supply.

Sabre ELSA Muster is supplied with a 200 bar 2 litre cylinder for 10 minute duration, or 200 bar 3 litre for the 15 minute version. Obtainable with anti static black carrying bag, allowing use in explosive environments.

Steel cylinder to EC specification providing 400 litres breathing air giving a rated duration of 10 minutes or 600 litres for 15 minutes. Complete with pressure reducer and positive pressure demand valve.


• Open-circuit SCBA
• Maximum protection level (positive pressure)
• Air inlet for emergency/ Airline pairing possible
• Hooded or Mask choices
• Quality Reducers insure performance
• Little Maintenance or training
• Automatic activation
• 10 & 15 minute options full or empty
• Compliance with EN402

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Standard Elsa Muster
2009644 Mask version 10 minutes full
2009643 Hood version 10 minutes full
2009642 Mask version 15 minutes empty
2007116 Hood version 15 minutes empty

Muster Variants
2028628 15min, composite, Hood, Empty
2028629 15min, composite, Mask, Empty
2010823 10min, steel, Mask, Foster, Full
2009645 15min, steel, mask, Foster, Empty
2028274 15min, composite, Hood, Hansen HK
2028275 15min, composite, Mask, Hansen HK
2018752 15min, steel, Mask (Vision), Hansen HK

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