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The 3M Scott Safety, Sabre ELSA 8RN emergency escape life support apparatus. Specially designed with NATO stock number.

A constant flow escape set, containing a one-litre cylinder charged at 200 bar gives around eight minutes of air, supplied into the PVC hood, which includes neck-seal and a polyurethane visor.  Airflow is aided across the visor by a diffuser to prevent misting. To curb the noise of air entering the hood, a stainless steel silencer is included. A lift flap is provided to insert the hood into the bag for protection when not in use.

The carrying bag made from flame-retardant highly visible PVC material, attached to the user by polyester webbing, worn around the neck or using the provided chest strap. The cylinder is contained in the bag, air supplied from the cylinder is reduced to  6.9 bar (100 psi) and is fed through the Neoprene hose by a flow restrictor.  A bourdon tube type pressure gauge gives a permanent reading of cylinder pressure visible on the bag exterior.

The cylinder can be recharged by use of an adaptor. Fittings are nickel-plated brass to prevent corrosion.

Elsa dimensions – 420 x 240 x 95mm

Weight – Approx 2.65 kg (fully charged )

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1047354: ELSA 8RN NATO Stock Number (NSN) – 4220-99-545-7297

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