3M Scott Safety Cen-Paq

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Now obsolete, nearest replacement here 

3M Scott Safety Cen-Paq Self-contained breathing apparatus, designed for fast response and short duration, ideal for rescue.  Features mask storage slot that allows donning and doffing when necessary. Standard cylinders are 15 minutes, but up to 30 minutes can be used in Carbon or Steel variants.

The Cen-Paq is available in one size as a Velcro fastening waistcoat, where padded larger SCBA sets may have too large a footprint. Supplied complete with a shoulder pressure indicator, 68 bar warning whistle, first-stage pressure reducing valve and cylinder hose connector 200/300 bar.

Made from High visible PVC material or black anti-static option.  Velcro closing or dual-buckle option.

Apparatus supplied less facemask.  A full-face mask is required (Promask PP or Vision 3) and cylinder.  The cylinder is inserted into the pouch at the back of the waistcoat,  for half an hour duration use the Sabre Cen-Paq-30.

Two types of Airline attachments are available. Waste belted CEN or supplied with Foster Hansen Mil-spec airline attachments.

CE Marked to EN137 and EN139 when inclusive of airline attachment.

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1044778 CEN-PAQ  with high visibility waistcoat featuring “VELCRO” closure, detachable facemask stowage pouch & two stage pneumatic system featuring automatic positive pressure demand valve with by pass.

1044983 CEN-PAQ-AS with black anti-static waistcoat featuring dual buckle closure and high visiblity reflective tape.

1044972 CEN-PAQ-AC as standard (first listing), except jacket features high visibility PVC material, dual buckle closure and waistbelt, mounted airline attachment complete with CEN couplings.

1044984 CEN-PAQ-AS-AC as CEN-PAQ-AC except supplied with anti-static waistcoat.

2014958 as CEN-PAQ-AS-AC except supplied with Foster/Hansen Mil spec airline attachments (Cen-paq-AS-AC-Foster/Hansen mil spec)

2014957 as CEN-PAQ-AS-AC except supplied Hansen HK airline attachments (Cen-paq-AS-AC-Hansen HK)

1044960 CEN-PAQ-30 as CEN-PAQ but with larger cylinder pouch to take CYL-FWC-1300 giving rated duration of 30 minutes

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