3M Scott Safety MODUL AIR M-FRM-HRT Airline Trolley

  • Abundant air supply
  • Up to 4 users
  • Freedom of movement (no bulk)
  • 2 or 4 cylinder versions

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The 3M Scott safety MODUL AIR Airline Trolley is designed for applications with a more prolonged air supply duration—consisting of a lightweight stainless steel hose reel unit and cylinder frame that can be used separately or together. The trolley frame can carry two Sabre cylinders, with a modular option for stacking two more on top, allowing two or four-person operation.

Kits options include wheels and handle. Continuous operation is possible when non-return bleed valves are paired with the cylinder connectors allowing cylinder replacement during operation. This creates an airline trolley system—ideal for deployment where a compressed air supply is absent. Fifty-litre cylinders are available for extra long-duration activities. Access to hard-to-reach areas is more comfortable without a large BA set; movement is also less restricted.

Air is fed from the trolley by hoses available in PVC or Anti Static 1-90M. A Flite set enables a user’s connection to the medium-pressure airline. The Flite set consists of a harness with a padded should strap for donning, a line connector and a tempest demand valve for air regulation. Mask to be ordered separately; use Vision 3 or Promask Positive Pressure. An escape Flite option is available, containing a short-duration air cylinder as a backup supply should the airline supply fail.

An optional AFU removes oil mist, particulate matter and water when connecting to an alternative air source, like a factory compressor. A single distress unit (DS4) can be fitted, providing an alarm if air pressure drops.

Comprising of Flite and Face mask with filter connection. A RAS positive pressure system is available for applications like aircraft paint spraying or removal of material. The filter is used when approaching the working area, where oxygen is at safe levels. Once in the working area, connect to the airline system, providing complete respiratory protection.

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3M AIRLINE Modular Trolley Tech Data sheet 153 KB
3M AIRLINE_PVC Airline Hose Tech Data sheet 130 KB
Airline BA Brochure 855 KB
AFU2 & AFU4 Accessories 636 KB
Airline Hose Specification Sheet 27 KB

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Combined frame and hose reel trolley units other configurations, please contact us.

1051844 M-FRM-2-2-HRT MODUL+AIR cylinder frame unit for 2 cylinders, stainless steel tubular frame for 2 cylinders up to 180mm diameter c/w fully adjustable cylinder bands. High-pressure pneumatic system with 55 bar whistle, 200/300 bar cylinder connectors and 1 CEN outlet coupling for up to 2 man use. Tubular stainless steel frame with wheels, handle and moulded hose reel drum, less hose. Accepts all 3M Scott BA cylinders.

1051851 M-FRM-2-4-HRT MODUL+AIR cylinder frame unit for 2 cylinders, stainless steel tubular frame for 2 cylinders. As above with 2 CEN outlet couplings for up to 4 man use.

1051873 M-FRM-4-2-HRT MODUL+AIR cylinder frame unit for 4 cylinders, stainless steel tubular frame for 4 cylinders. As first, with 1 CEN outlet coupling for up to 4 man use.

1051880 M-FRM-4-4-HRT MODUL+AIR cylinder frame unit for 4 cylinders, stainless steel tubular frame for 4 cylinders. As first, with 2 CEN outlet couplings for up to 4 man use.


PVC Hose

1051473 HOSE PVC 3M Airline supply hose, PVC, 3 metres c/w couplings
1051463 HOSE PVC 10M Airline supply hose, PVC, 10 metres c/w couplings
1051465 HOSE PVC 15M Airline supply hose, PVC, 15 metres c/w couplings
1051467 HOSE PVC 20M Airline supply hose, PVC, 20 metres c/w couplings
1051471 HOSE PVC 30M Airline supply hose, PVC, 30 metres c/w couplings
1051477 HOSE PVC 50M Airline supply hose, PVC, 50 metres c/w couplings
1051480 HOSE PVC 60M Airline supply hose, PVC, 60 metres c/w couplings
2004547 HOSE PVC 90M Airline supply hose, PVC, 90 metres c/w couplings

Anti-Static Hose

1073793 HOSE-AS-1M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 1 metre c/w couplings
2015243 HOSE-AS-2M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 2 metres c/w couplings
1051490 HOSE-AS-3M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 3 metres c/w couplings
1051482 HOSE-AS-10M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 10 metres c/w couplings
1051484 HOSE-AS-15M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 15 metres c/w couplings
1051486 HOSE-AS-20M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 20 metres c/w couplings
1051488 HOSE-AS-30M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 30 metres c/w couplings
1051493 HOSE-AS-50M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 50 metres c/w couplings
1051496 HOSE-AS-60M Airline supply hose, anti-static, 60 metres c/w couplings


2003397 021.042.00 Y-piece, CEN couplings

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