Stuart SSM1 & SSL1 Orbital Shakers

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  • Consistent shaking
  • Multi Application
  • Compact or Large Model

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Stuart SSM1 & SSL1 Orbital Shakers by Cole Parmer provide dependable shaking speeds over long periods.  Both models have an adjustable speed rate between 30 to 300 rpm, can run continuously or for a specified period using the built-in digital timer 1-9999 minutes.  A 16mm orbit produces the shaking action providing a smooth uniform circular motion suited to larger samples and multi-well plates. The SSM1 is the miniature version supplied with non-slip rubber mat gripping short-flat vessels; platform dimensions 220 x 220mm. The SSL1 comes with a cradle system to hold flasks and has platform dimensions of 335 x 335mm.

The SSM1 is designed for applications using samples of 0.5 to 5ml held in multi-well plates, dishes and Petri dishes.  An optional accessory cradle allows bottle, flask or beaker use, held in place by four rubber bars. Accommodating up to four x 250ml or two x 500ml or one x 1000ml Erlenmeyer 8 flasks or bottles meeting a range of applications. The unit can be inserted into an incubator or environmental chamber maximum temperature of 40°C and humidity 80%.

SSL1 is the large version and comes complete with cradle system as opposed to a rubber mat, designed especially for flask applications. The four cushioned quick release cradle bars can be positioned horizontally or vertically for maximum versatility. Suitable for use with different-sized vessels typically found in a laboratory. The platform can accommodate Erlenmeyer flasks or bottles or beakers: twelve x 250ml or nine x 500ml or four x 1000ml or two x 2000ml.

Ordering Information

SM1 Shaker, orbital, mini WZ-51900-20, 230V or WZ-51900-19, 120V
SSM1/1 Accessory cradle with four securing bars WZ-51700-97
SSM1/2 Large platform (340 x 300mm, holds up 8 plates) WZ-51700-98
SSM1/3 Clear Acrylic lid WZ-51700-99

SSL1 Shaker, orbital, lab-scale WZ-51900-22, 230V or WZ-51900-21, 120V
SSL1/1 Accessory platform 510 x 510mm with six rubber securing bars WZ-51700-95
SSL1/2 Large flat platform, no cradle for SSL1 WZ-51700-96

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Additional information

Weight0.09 kg


Shaking actionOrbitalOrbital
Platform dimensions (w x l)220 x 220mm335 x 335mm
Speed range30 to 300rpm30 to 300rpm
Orbit / amplitude16mm16mm
Maximum load3kg10kg
Overall dimensions (w x d x h)240 x 300 x 140mm360 x 420 x 270mm
Operational temperature range+4 to +40°C+4 to +40°C
Maximum permissible humidity80%80%
Net weight5kg11kg
Electrical supply230V or 120v, 50Hz, 50W230V or 120v, 50Hz, 50W

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