Stuart SB3 and SB2 Rotators

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  • Two Rotators choices
  • Easy operation
  • Variable Tubes sizes can be accommodated

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Stuart SB3 and SB2 Rotators by Cole Parmer are designed to provide controlled mixing and can be placed in heating and cooling incubators or cold store rooms temperature range  4°C to 40°C.  The rotation angle is operator adjustable with a scale to note the position to ensure repeatability. At one end of the scale, the horizontal position provides low levels of mixing, the vertical position ensures high levels of mixing, with variable mixing levels in-between. With the SB3 model, the rate of mixing can be set between 2 and 40 rpm, also included is a timer and digital speed display to reproduce results. The SB2 is the stripped-down rotator and offers a fixed rotating speed of 20rpm. Both models have an inbuilt spillage tray.

Suitable for general laboratory mixing, keeping biological samples in suspension, e.g. blood, aerating cultures.  Each model must be ordered with a tube holder for operation, range detailed below. It is possible to simultaneously use two tube holders on one rotator using the optional dual holder add on.


SB2 Rotator, fixed speed, 230vac stock code WZ-07650-11
SB3 Rotator, variable speed timer, 230 vac, stock code WZ-07650-13
SB3 Rotator, variable speed timer, 120 vac, stock code  WZ-00077-03

Tube Holders

End-over-end (vertical) action

  • SB3/1 WZ-00077-25, Microtube holder, 10-11.5mm diameter, capacity 40 tubes
  • SB3/2 WZ-00077-15, Test/blood tube holder, 9-20mm diameter, capacity 20 tubes
  • SB3/3 WZ-00077-13, 50ml Centrifuge tube holder, 20-35mm diameter, capacity 12 tubes

Rolling action

  • SB3/4 WZ-00077-17, Culture tube holder, 12mm diameter, capacity 63 tubes
  • SB3/5 WZ-00077-19, Culture tube holder, 16mm diameter, capacity 36 tubes
  • SB3/6 WZ-00077-21, Culture tube holder, 26mm diameter, capacity 30 tubes


SB3/DUAL Multiple tube holder accessory, stock code WZ-00077-23
SB3/1/PC Spare clips for SB3/1 holder, stock code WZ-00077-25

Technical Details

Speed range SB2 fixed 20 rpm, SB3 variable 2-40 rpm
Additional SB3 features; digital speed control & timer 1 to 999 minutes
Dimensions (either model); W 20 x  D 27 x H 23 cm. Weight 3.2kg

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