Honeywell FSL100 Flame Detector

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Honeywell Analytics FSL 100 flame detector

An Optoelectronic flame detector aimed at a wide range of light industrial applications. The new FSL100 series comprises of three model types FSL100-UV, FSL100-UVIR and FSL100-IR3, housed in Glass Reinforced Polyester with a choice of red or white colours. Weighing just 465 grams the range is light compact. Despite this, it can be deployed in harsh environments, used outside or indoors and in hazardous areas. Hydrocarbon or non-hydrocarbon fires can be detected.  Wide 90-degree field view allows large area coverage. The current output is 4-20mA and two relays, alarm and fault. The range has automatic, and manual self-test functionality and constant self check running. Response time to hazard is fast 8-30 seconds to alarm. Latest inbuilt algorithms and processors minimise reaction to false alarms. Power supply 12-14Vdc, 25mA nominal operation.


The ultraviolet flame detector, designed for indoor use, resistant to light whether sun or artificial light generated by bulbs, torches or fluorescents. Used in sulphur burning applications or other similar low temperature burning processes. Hydrocarbon detection on wood, petrol or lighter hydrocarbons like Methane. Detection range 25 m/80 feet.

FSL100-UV/IR  or FSL100-UVIR

Ultraviolet and Infrared flame detector, analyses flame flicker frequency to combat false alarms, resistant to sun and indoor light, arc-resistant can detect Hydrocarbon or Non-Hydrocarbon fires.  Detection range 25 m/80 feet.


IR3 (3 Infrared bands) flame detector, designed for dirty fires with lots of smoke, as the window is contamination resistant, works well with liquid hydrocarbon fires, flame flicker monitoring to counter false alarms, light and arc-resistant. Detection range 35m/110 feet.


FSL100-SM21 FSL100 Optional swivel mount
FSL100-TL FSL100 test lamp, incl. universal charger and carrying case; non-EX
FSL100-TLX FSL100 test lamp, incl. carrying case; intrinsically safe
FSL100-TLBT 12 Vdc battery for FSL-TL test lamp
FSL100-TLBU H3 light bulb for FSL-TL test lamp
FSL100-TLCH Universal charger kit for FSL-TL test lamp

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