Drager X-plore 4700

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  • Half Mask
  • Comfortable
  • Reusable

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Drager X-plore 4700

The Drager X-plore 4700 is a tough half mask offering comfort and leak tightness for challenging work.

Compatible with a vast range of filters: For gases, vapours and particles making it applicable to most industries.

The combination of soft mask body, specially shaped nose seal and a sturdy plastic frame offers advantages during extended use and allows a good fit, leak tightness and an elimination of pressure points.

FlexiFit head harness makes the mask easy to don and doff even with long hair.

Releasing the neck hook is all that is required to remove the mask and this can be done without helmet removal , (“drop down” strap system).

With low exhalation valve flushes warm air and liquids out of the masks – keeping your face cool, even when working hard.

Two different filters connections:

1, Drager X-Plore 4740 Rd40 (RA) standard thread connection acc. to EN 148-1
2, Drager X-Plore 4790 Rd91

Choice of two mask materials  TPE or extremely comfortable silicone, (good for sensitive skin.

The silicone version is also available in two sizes.

1. Outstanding comfort
2. Excellent fit
3. Virtually no pressure points
4. TPE version is free of paint-affecting
5. Choose between two different
sizes and filter connectors
6. Wide range of filters

Ordering Detail

Drager X-plore 4740 TPE body size M/L R55876

Drager X-plore 4740 Silicone body size M/L R55874

Drager X-plore 4740 Silicone body size S/M R55875

Drager X-plore 4790 Rd91 TPE body size M/L R55879

Drager X-plore 4790 Rd91 Silicone body size M/L R55877

Drager X-plore 4790 Rd91 Silicone body size S/M R55878

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